Definition of ramify in English:


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intransitive verbintransitive verb ramifies, intransitive verb ramifying, intransitive verb ramified

[no object]
  • 1 technical, formal Form branches or offshoots.

    ‘the shrub ramifies almost from the base and can grow 1 to 3 meters high’
    • ‘The weblike character of the text means that each datum will ramify in implications throughout.’
    • ‘This is because the organization of the economy has a series of effects which ramify through the society.’
    • ‘It then ramifies, or grows in a similar manner to a root system through the host, centering on the digestive system.’
    • ‘It ramifies almost from the base, can grow 1-3 m high and may reach 3 m in diameter.’
    • ‘It is hard to trace Steve's contributions in a linear fashion, because his work has ramified in so many directions.’
    branch, split, divide, subdivide, separate, part, diverge, go in different directions, go separate ways, bifurcate, split in two
    1. 1.1Spread or branch out; grow and develop in complexity or range.
      ‘the methods and applications have ramified, generating many new insights along the way’
      • ‘the consequences of an act ramify and multiply’



/ˈraməˌfī/ /ˈræməˌfaɪ/


Late Middle English from Old French ramifier, from medieval Latin ramificare, from Latin ramus ‘branch’.