Definition of ramose in English:



  • Having branches; branched.

    ‘ramose corals’
    • ‘One of these species, a ramose form with thin branches, was not found in the coral reef zone lower in the section.’
    • ‘The coral reef horizon is 19 m thick and, based on observation of weathered exposures of some of the massive and ramose coral colonies, it probably had a meter or more of relief on its surface at the peak of reef development.’
    • ‘As with ramose colonies, frondose forms were weakened when Sanctum laurentiensis mined out large chambers.’
    • ‘Bioclasts have mixed orientation, but large ammonoids and ramose corals are invariably concordant.’
    • ‘In the root mantle, the borings are somewhat ramose and wind around the roots in the ground tissue.’


Late 17th century from Latin ramosus, from ramus ‘branch’.



/ˈraməʊs/ /ˈreɪməʊs/