Definition of rancorously in English:



See rancorous

‘In the 1970s, his parents moved from the country's eastern region to settle in Camden, then separated rancorously when he was six.’
  • ‘Among those critics, none has been more rancorously unreflective the former Health Secretary.’
  • ‘Viewers often end up thinking that there is no solution to the problem because the two sides are so rancorously polarised.’
  • ‘By the end Antrobus has become a self-hating figure rancorously describing his wife as ‘a petty, blind, treacherous little beast‘.’
  • ‘However rancorously the debate may have raged, actual scientific comparisons are notable by their absence.’



/ˈraNGk(ə)rəslē/ /ˈræŋk(ə)rəsli/