Definition of randiness in English:



See randy

‘One can see where his son's apparently limitless randiness emanates from.’
  • ‘I can report, however, that in the few days I've worn my new blue band, I've noticed a decided increase in randiness!’
  • ‘The two have an unforced chemistry together and capture that one-of-a-kind experience of falling in love: the giddiness, the silliness, the randiness, the fear, and the amazement.’
  • ‘Breanne Feigel brings pure joy and randiness to Olivia, Gemma Smith is all loveable naiveté as the cross-dressing Viola, while Trevor Leigh and Wes Tritter are positively vibrant as the oil-and-water enemies Malvolio and Belch.’
  • ‘Many of Paterson's aphorisms are very funny; but contrary to the publisher's claims, few are really about ‘love’ - though adultery and general randiness are themes, couched in archaic terms such as ‘rival suitors’ and ‘inamorata’.’



/ˈrandēnəs/ /ˈrændinəs/