Definition of randy in English:


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adjectiveadjective randier, adjective randiest

  • 1 informal Sexually aroused or excited.

    • ‘as nervous as a randy adolescent on a hot date’
    • ‘he was making her more and more randy’
    • ‘On March 6 and 8 he portrays the randy Latin sailor in Jerome Robbins's Fancy Free.’
    • ‘But what really staggered me was the ability of these young actors to play with total conviction rapacious thugs and randy whores.’
    • ‘Edgware Road was the site of a large barracks; Waterloo Road the home of the Union Jack Club, a hotel for hundreds of randy young sailors on leave.’
    • ‘And Randy had this habit of just being completely randy.’
    • ‘He is so beautiful and makes me so randy, and he has such great power when it comes to making me absolutely horny.’
    aroused, sexually excited, amorous, lustful, passionate
  • 2Scottish archaic (of a person) having a rude, aggressive manner.



/ˈrandē/ /ˈrændi/


Mid 17th century perhaps from obsolete rand ‘rant, rave’, from obsolete Dutch randen ‘to rant’.