Definition of rangeland in English:



also rangelands
  • Open country used for grazing or hunting animals.

    ‘They raise sheep and cattle on dry rangelands and have sought to develop intensive dairying.’
    • ‘The wind then does the rest, removing the soil and converting productive rangeland into desert.’
    • ‘Despite the cactus, this is clearly rangeland, and we carefully evade the barbed wire as we cross into the field.’
    • ‘Forage crops, pasture, and rangelands are important in feeding ruminant animals tied to the meat and dairy industries.’
    • ‘They also deprive Australian livestock of food by scouring the cultivated rangelands, which also facilitates erosion.’
    • ‘Some ranchers believe the larger animals compete with cattle for rangeland and attract predators, but that's a matter of opinion.’
    • ‘The team has evidence that letting sheep graze on recovering rangeland is not necessarily harmful - if the grazing is managed correctly.’
    • ‘The devastated rangeland, shorn of grasses by too many horses and cows, had lost its ability to hold soil in place when the rains returned in 1893.’
    • ‘The Jornada is an important site for research on the health of rangeland in this desert - and of other desert rangelands in the western United States.’
    • ‘Mormon crickets are of economic importance because of their impact on rangeland, pasture, alfalfa, row crops, and vegetable gardens.’
    • ‘Even armed with sound scientific data, federal officials may never solve the problems involving wildfire in America's forests and rangelands.’
    • ‘In a mix of vivid colours, the canvas depicts waterholes, dunes and rangelands special to several indigenous groups.’
    • ‘In 1934, the Taylor Grazing Act placed almost all remaining public rangeland under federal control, with the same grazing restrictions.’
    • ‘The population peaked at about one hundred thousand in 1924 then crashed, leaving a wreckage not only of animal life but of horribly overbrowsed rangeland as well.’
    • ‘This acreage includes mountains, deserts, prairies, lakes, oceans, forests, rangelands, national parks, and wildlife refuges.’
    • ‘Once considered mainly a feedlot pest, the stable fly has extended its reign of terror to the open pasture and rangeland, areas where cattle once grazed virtually unharried by the bloodsucking insect.’
    • ‘Eroding soils, deteriorating rangelands, collapsing fisheries, failing water tables and rising temperatures are converging to make it more difficult to expand food production fast enough to keep up with demand.’
    • ‘‘It is often difficult to determine the extent and distribution of weed populations on rangelands because of the expanse and inaccessibility of these areas,’ Anderson says.’
    • ‘‘These plants are used to restore rangelands that have been devastated by fire, and so far there is no program in the United States to ensure that we have the plants we need,’ Walters says.’
    • ‘On rangelands, exotic weeds have displaced forage eaten by cattle and extended harm to other aspects of American agriculture, including those who earn their living from it.’



/ˈrānjˌland/ /ˈreɪndʒˌlænd/