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  • A type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.

    ‘although ransomware is usually aimed at individuals, it's only a matter of time before business is targeted as well’
    • ‘Users infected with a new strain of ransomware found their computers held hostage in exchange for a money transfer demanded by its creators.’
    • ‘Sophos notes that this is not the first example of ransomware.’
    • ‘Issues covered include the changing nature of malware, the growing prevalence of Trojan horses and the emergence of new threats such as ransomware.’
    • ‘Lately we've come across a pretty interesting "ransomware" - a trojan that takes user's files hostage and asks for a ransom to "free" them.’
    • ‘The way around this particular ransomware can be achieved one of three ways.’
    • ‘We haven't seen ransomware for a while, so a recent scheme that mixed elements of modern rogueware pushing and old-school ransomware attempts was rather interesting.’
    • ‘Previously, this ransomware, used 56-bit encryption, which could easily be tackled by security software.’
    • ‘In the other email, the link downloaded ransomware, which encrypted files on the user's computer and held them for ransom.’
    • ‘What is remarkable in the cases of ransomware we've seen lately is the effort that the authors have put into creating different versions for every targeted country.’
    • ‘Today, Total Defense Research Team was informed of new ransomware circulating among Italian users, pretending to be an official statement by the Italian Police.’



/ˈransəmˌwer/ /ˈrænsəmˌwɛr/