Definition of ranunculus in English:


nounplural noun ranunculuses, plural noun ranunculi/-ˌlē/ /-ˌlī/

  • A temperate plant of a genus that includes the buttercups and water crowfoots, typically having yellow or white bowl-shaped flowers and lobed or toothed leaves.

    Genus Ranunculus, family Ranunculaceae: many species, including several garden ornamentals

    ‘Oddly, Hopkins makes perfectly realistic graphite drawings of anemones, tulips and ranunculuses that have the delicacy of drypoint etching; he also paints straightforward Japanese watercolor ‘portraits’ of flowers.’
    • ‘Plant the last of the bulbs, like amaryllis, anemones, callas and ranunculus.’
    • ‘Spring-planted ranunculus will bloom in June or July.’
    • ‘Other flowers featured in the magazine included daisies and daffodils, jonquils and jasmines, roses and ranunculus, and hundreds of others.’
    • ‘In place of hyacinth, try violets, sweet pea, pansies, or even grass; spray roses will work well in place of the ranunculus.’



/rəˈnəNGkyələs/ /rəˈnəŋkjələs/


Modern Latin, from Latin, literally ‘little frog’, diminutive of rana.