Definition of rapper in English:



  • A person who performs rap music.

    ‘he was a fearsome rapper, with a distictively gruff, meandering style’
    • ‘What was interesting about Linkin Park was that they had two vocalists - a rapper and a rock singer.’
    • ‘Lee said he had been unaware that the rapper had made music and video recordings from behind bars.’
    • ‘From the chorus to the rappers students gave their all, bringing weeks of hard work to fruition.’
    • ‘They still had a deal in Japan and put together an album featuring guest singers and rappers while they pondered their next move.’
    • ‘Can anyone point to a rapper or group of rappers that are willing or even capable of doing all of this?’
    • ‘By paying attention to his lyrical skill, you notice that he is not only a phenomenal rapper, but also a fine poet.’
    • ‘Now top rappers began to write edgy lyrics celebrating street warfare or drugs and promiscuity.’
    • ‘These chambers sometimes get so hot that the rappers have stripped down to their skivvies to record.’
    • ‘Just up the street from the breakdancers were the freestyle rappers.’
    • ‘Both aspects of the rapper's persona contribute to his or her commercial success.’
    • ‘Does anybody else remember the Bone Thugs actually being reasonably good, edgy, topical rappers?’
    • ‘Conveniently, local rappers don't even have to leave the city to do just that.’
    • ‘Their heroes are rappers and members of violent gangs such as the Young Americans, the Mafia, the Firm, and Hard Livings.’
    • ‘Of the eight rappers that Shaw follows over the course of a year, one winds up dead, one gets a record deal, and the rest end up exactly where they started.’
    • ‘Parker also sneered at efforts by other rappers to get young people to vote.’
    • ‘Public Enemy's Chuck D is constantly calling on rappers to live up to their potential rather than down to expectations.’
    • ‘What drives a lot of rappers is this kind of ceaseless entrepreneurial spirit.’
    • ‘Of course it's a joke with a limited shelf-life, but these Welsh rappers were occasionally very funny.’
    • ‘There's something slightly disconcerting about rappers reaching the ripe old age of 40.’
    • ‘The pantheon of legendary female rockers and rappers is woefully small.’