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  • A close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other's feelings or ideas and communicate well.

    ‘she was able to establish a good rapport with the children’
    • ‘there was little rapport between them’
    • ‘He has a great rapport with the other players and he and his wife socialise with them.’
    • ‘Their set of songs were played flawlessly and they had a great rapport with each other on stage.’
    • ‘She was a person of understanding and tolerance and had a rapport on a very human level with all her pupils.’
    • ‘She also had a wonderful rapport with her grandchildren and there was a great bond between them.’
    • ‘Dermot and Bridie quickly established a rapport with the people of the town and hinterland.’
    • ‘With her inimitable recital she established an immediate rapport with the audience.’
    • ‘Gradually he overcame his natural shyness and established a rapport with his audience.’
    • ‘We quickly established a rapport, and it fell to me to tell him his diagnosis.’
    • ‘The rapport that she established with her guards was a factor, but obviously it was far from enough.’
    • ‘He had a good rapport with the people of Roscommon and served the community well down through the years.’
    • ‘He quickly realised the importance of establishing a rapport with the players.’
    • ‘Woolery has great presence, and always maintains a good rapport with the contestants.’
    • ‘I made sure that the student walked out of the class with me enabling me to develop a positive rapport with him.’
    • ‘Kieran recalls that Margo had an incredible rapport with the Irish exiles all over England.’
    • ‘However, there was a point at which I seemed to establish a rapport with a rather sexy man on the dance floor.’
    • ‘His has a great rapport with his audiences and requests are always welcome.’
    • ‘In later years, she had a special rapport with her grandchildren and took a keen interest in their lives.’
    • ‘Witty and engaging, he was very well informed on local matters and had a special rapport with young folk.’
    • ‘He loved his profession and had a wonderful rapport with the children and the people of the Bohola region.’
    • ‘He was a hard-working man who had a good rapport with people and who got on well with friends and neighbours.’
    affinity, close relationship, special relationship, understanding, mutual understanding, bond, empathy, harmony, sympathy, link, accord
    relate to, get on with, get on well with, respond to, sympathize with, feel sympathy with, feel for, identify with, empathize with, connect with, understand, speak the same language as, be in tune with, be on the same wavelength as
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/raˈpôr/ /ræˈpɔr/ /rəˈpôr/ /rəˈpɔr/


Mid 17th century French, from rapporter ‘bring back’.