Definition of rare bird in English:

rare bird


  • An exceptional person or thing; a rarity.

    ‘Irish tenors such as he are rare birds’
    • ‘Though men far outnumber women at both resorts, we feel welcome, even special, like rare birds.’
    • ‘And there certainly are nice people in sales professions, even those rare birds who will sacrifice their commissions to make sure you get what you truly need or want.’
    individualist, individual, eccentric, nonconformist, free spirit, bohemian, rare bird, maverick, oddity


rare bird

/re(ə)r bərd/ /rɛ(ə)r bərd/


Translating Latin rara avis (Juvenal's Satires, vi.165: rara auis in terris nigroque simillima cycno, ‘[a good woman is] a rare bird in this world and very like a black swan’).