Definition of rare breed in English:

rare breed


  • 1A breed of livestock or poultry that is not associated with large-scale commercial farming, typically one that has traditionally been reared in a particular region.

    ‘he rears various rare breeds including Gloucester Old Spot pigs’
    • ‘rare breed cattle’
    • ‘Even in the White Park cattle (which are a carefully managed rare breed), black or brown calves still occasionally turn up.’
    • ‘One of the more unusual sights on the field were rare breed cattle, the striped belted Galloways.’
    • ‘I researched all the farmers' markets and spent time on a rare breed pig farm in Cumbria.’
    • ‘A West Yorkshire butcher's shop has reaffirmed its commitment to the future of traditional British rare breed animals, including a porker first bred in Keighley!’
    • ‘When Williamsburg launched its rare breed program, the Leicester Longwool had become extinct in this country.’
    • ‘For meat lovers there were wonderful cuts of prime beef, pork and lamb, rare breed sausages and a whole range of game products.’
    • ‘At the moment around ten children attend the project which uses rare breed Dales ponies and horses from a sanctuary in Sheffield.’
    • ‘No doubt they're from an organically reared rare breed pig (referred to as minority breeds in right-on circles).’
    • ‘Lishmans Butchers in Ilkley has reaffirmed its commitment to the future of traditional British rare breed animals.’
    • ‘Even if they have no experience with livestock, or don't have enough land for a herd of sheep or cattle, they can still help preserve this rare breed.’
    • ‘The Leeds Road shop has renewed its membership of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and is concentrating its efforts on sourcing increased supplies of rare breed pigs, cattle and sheep.’
    • ‘Join the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy or Rare Breeds Canada, and become a steward of a rare breed.’
    • ‘He's hopeful that more awareness of heritage turkeys will pave the way for other rare breed markets as well.’
    • ‘Livestock entries are buoyant and although cattle entries are slightly down on last year there is a substantial increase in both sheep and rare breed cattle sections and the pig entry has remained at 2004 levels.’
    • ‘The secret of great sausages and other pork products lies in the rare breed pigs we use.’
    • ‘During the FMD outbreak in 2001 a large number of the animals culled were from rare breed herds and flocks, and bloodlines were lost that can never be replaced.’
    • ‘They've just been accredited as a rare breed centre, which means they get brown heritage signs, and plan to create activities around the farm so that families and school groups can make it a day out.’
    • ‘The visit included seeing wild boar and rare breed pigs in their natural habitat, including two new litters.’
    • ‘Aside from their worth on the plate, rare breed pigs are becoming increasingly popular as pets and hobby herds.’
    • ‘On the farm you'll see rare breed pigs rooting around and traditional Red Galloway cattle out to graze or knee-deep in straw.’
  • 2A person or thing with characteristics that are uncommon among their kind; a rarity.

    ‘she's one of the rare breed of Hollywood stars who tread the fine line between commercial glory and art house credibility’
    • ‘Truly cooperative games are a rather rare breed amongst board games.’
    • ‘Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurs are still a rare breed in both countries.’
    • ‘Hill is a paper conservator, a rare breed in the world of art conservation.’
    • ‘She is the first to admit that she's a rare breed in Abbotsford.’
    • ‘In doing so, she became what was, at the time, part of a rare breed - women who surfed.’
    • ‘The students whose commitments are few and serious, not varied and promiscuous, are to be commended - but as a rare breed.’
    • ‘Since storage administrators are already a rare breed, there is substantial demand for a solution to manage the ever-growing plethora of data.’
    • ‘He is a rare breed of chef, one that actually chose to close the doors of his packed restaurant in Toronto.’
    • ‘But they are among a rare breed of young entrepreneurs prepared to put their money where their mouths are and do something about it.’
    • ‘As editor, publisher, and owner of a national magazine, I am an increasingly rare breed.’
    • ‘As an artist, he is a rare breed - he jumped from business to fine art, bringing with him entrepreneurial know-how.’
    • ‘Farm animal vets are becoming a rare breed.’
    • ‘I'd like to recommend a few members of that rare breed of books that are both smart and funny.’
    • ‘It's a rare breed of runner who doesn't have specific needs when it comes to shoes.’
    • ‘He is one of a rare breed of men who dreams bold dreams and then proceeds to realize them.’
    • ‘Laura is a rare breed - a political journalist who takes her democratic role - to keep the public informed and the government honest - seriously.’
    • ‘He was one of that rare breed of man who actually seemed comfortable wearing a tie.’
    • ‘Rankin is one of that rare breed of photographers whose pictures have defined the times in which they live.’
    • ‘It's a rare breed of player who comes to a club at 12 years old and stays for his whole career.’
    • ‘Channon is one of a rare breed who have reached the top in two different sports.’