Definition of raster in English:



  • A rectangular pattern of parallel scanning lines followed by the electron beam on a television screen or computer monitor.

    as modifier ‘a raster image’
    • ‘For raster scan pattern the correlation of a series of images appears on three different timescales.’
    • ‘The tracking routine starts with a fast raster scan of a large area of the sample in which the particle of interest can be observed.’
    • ‘Polygonal scanners relay the outbound and return pulse, scanning the scene or target in a raster format.’
    • ‘Height and phase-shift data were respectively collected in the trace-retrace direction of a raster scan.’
    • ‘The embedding of bits in valid blocks in a particular text line is done in a column-wise raster order.’



/ˈrastər/ /ˈræstər/


1930s from German Raster, literally ‘screen’, from Latin rastrum ‘rake’, from ras- ‘scraped’, from the verb radere.