Definition of rat on in English:

rat on

phrasal verb

  • 1

    (North American rat someone out)
    informal Inform on (someone)

    ‘he refused to rat on his buddies’
    • ‘Words and titles are about to become very important as people figure out which one of Cheney's goons ratted her out.’
    • ‘‘I don't think you should rat her out, but let her know you saw her cheating and that it could get her in a lot of trouble,’ suggests Lindsay.’
    • ‘I hadn't planned on ratting Ryan out anyway, but his response had taken me by surprise.’
    • ‘‘Thanks,’ I said once we were out of the office, ‘for not ratting me out.’’
    • ‘The last thing that I need is Zach ratting me out to my parents.’
    • ‘I like her and she lets me get out of class when I need to without ratting me out.’
    • ‘He believes (correctly, as it turns out) that a fellow officer has been ratting him out to the precinct's captain.’
    • ‘It would perhaps be different if the only two alternatives were ratting him out or deceiving her employer.’
    • ‘You ever considered ratting her out to your parents?’
    • ‘Christy was going to pay dearly for ratting her out.’
    inform against, inform on, betray, be disloyal to, be unfaithful to, break one's promise to, break faith with, sell out, stab someone in the back
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    1. 1.1Break (an agreement or promise)
      ‘he accused the government of ratting on an earlier pledge’
      • ‘If we believe Gordon's account, as relayed through Robert Peston, Blair ratted on a promise to go by November of last year.’
      • ‘He ratted on his promise to take me with him - saying that there would be questions in the parliament if he spent too much money.’
      • ‘Whatever the cause, France ratted on his agreement, retaking Brest by force.’
      • ‘It is about the government ratting on an undertaking.’
      • ‘Allies of the Chancellor accused Downing Street of ratting on a deal struck between the two men to maintain a united front when dealing with Britain's pensions time bomb.’
      • ‘The press have also ratted on virtually every ‘deal’ they've ever entered into concerning a bit of privacy for William and Harry.’
      • ‘President George Bush has ratted on the US commitment to reduce the pollution that is causing climate chaos across the globe.’
      • ‘Mind you, I had to do a bit of fast footwork to get the Foreign Office to rat on that fisheries deal that Jack Straw had done with Alex Salmond.’
      break, renege on, go back on, back out of, default on, welsh on
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