Definition of rat snake in English:

rat snake


  • A harmless constricting snake that feeds on rats and other small mammals.

    Several genera and species in the family Colubridae: genus Elaphe of America, in particular E. obsoleta, and genera Ptyas and Argyrogena of Asia (also called
    ), in particular P. mucosus

    ‘Only last week a boa constrictor and rat snake were found on a golf course near Accrington.’
    • ‘A climbing snake, such as a rat snake, will hold itself on a stick.’
    • ‘At the end of the demonstration, the handler comes out of the cage with a rat snake in hand.’
    • ‘I recall having taken a huge rat snake home with me when I was six.’
    • ‘Both instances of predation by black rat snakes were correctly classified as snakes.’


rat snake

/rat snāk/ /ræt sneɪk/