Definition of rather you than me in English:

rather you than me


(also rather them than me)
  • Used to convey that one would be reluctant oneself to undertake a particular task or project undertaken by someone else.

    ‘“I'm picking him up after lunch.” “Rather you than me.”’
    • ‘That's a monumental task you've set yourself, rather you than me.’
    • ‘The explosion scenes are amazing and it was great to watch the stunt man doing all the action shots - rather him than me.’
    • ‘Quite a daunting prospect ahead; rather him than me.’
    • ‘I mean most of us harbour feelings and desires to meet someone wonderful, but making an appeal on national TV - well rather him than me!’
    • ‘I've given Dad a lift to the hospital this morning, he's got have an injection in his eye so he'll not be able to drive afterwards, rather him than me!’