Definition of ratiocinate in English:


intransitive verb

[no object] formal
  • Form judgments by a process of logic; reason.

    ‘a tendency to ratiocinate in isolation’
    • ‘Almost definitely two, actually, since she knew there were three new arrivals, and of course, she had already met one, she ratiocinated.’
    • ‘If the candidate seems prepared to ratiocinate every policy question rather than apply values to its solution, that candidate will lose.’
    • ‘His father, Alan Fry, was written up as the villain in these early times; an inventor whose ‘infuriatingly, cold, precise ratiocinating engine of a brain fuelled by a wholly egocentric passion.’’
    • ‘Man is said, for instance, to be the ‘rational animal,’ but you won't find much ratiocinating among fetuses.’
    think rationally, think logically, think straight, use one's mind, use one's common sense, use one's head, use one's brain, think things through, cogitate



/ˌrādēˈōsənāt/ /ˌreɪdiˈoʊsəneɪt/ /ˌraSHēˈōsəˌnāt/ /ˌræʃiˈoʊsəˌneɪt/


Mid 17th century from Latin ratiocinat- ‘deliberated, calculated’, from the verb ratiocinari, from ratio (see ratio).