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  • 1A trap for catching rats.

    ‘In the market I found almost everyone sold heavy, serrated, spring-loaded metal rattraps.’
    • ‘The rattrap vendor does not perform his gentility well enough to pass himself off for more than he is.’
    • ‘What confronted them was a complex device like a giant rat trap, but where the cheese should have been placed it was smothered with honey.’
    • ‘One time we received a bag of clothes with a rat trap in it - and it was set to go off too.’
    • ‘Or perhaps I could devise a way to plant a heavy-duty rat trap in my bag, arranged so it would not spring unless someone stuck their hand where it didn't belong.’
    • ‘I found a rat trap in the kitchen the other day, it doesn't bear thinking about.’
    • ‘The couple bought a rat trap and set it up in the kitchen overnight, filling it with some of Tess's dog food.’
    • ‘As for animals, on the way up this mountain, in fact we can see it from here, there's a small white boxy thing that you said was a rat trap.’
    • ‘Their tools include rat traps, made of palm leaves, which come handy for farm workers-turned-ratpickers to finish their task at a quicker pace.’
    • ‘Even the guy who puts down the rat traps at Madison Square Garden doesn't wear gloves.’
    • ‘I got my husband to set up a few rat traps under my tomato plants and corn stalks.’
    • ‘These mammals were collected through a variety of techniques, including snapback mousetraps, rat traps, and pitfalls.’
    • ‘She thought, they must have set rat traps and never cleaned them out.’
    • ‘He set three rat traps with chocolate, commenting that rats love chocolate.’
    • ‘The traps were openly on sale in the aisles of FarmArama in Gonubie along with rat traps and insect repellent.’
    • ‘On Tuesday, Sinclaire said rat traps were set behind the airport's ticket counters and within 10 minutes the switch fell on two rodents.’
    • ‘This is not a rat trap, but a one-way flow device that stops sewage backing up into the drain of your house and also acts as a barrier to rats.’
    • ‘The Ratcatcher uses every last rat trap against them and just when he thinks they are beaten, they rise again.’
  • 2 informal An unpleasant or restricting situation that offers no prospect of improvement.

    • ‘He told an audience of over 500 students how he emigrated to Britain in the 1970s to escape ‘being caught’ in the rat trap that was Dublin where ‘the only thing it offered on a Saturday night was a fight.’’
    • ‘The trade protectionism for developing countries that Make Poverty History recommends is a rat trap of gigantic proportions for the world's poor.’
    • ‘I'll let you know as soon as I get out of this rat trap.’
    • ‘Well, she's stuck in this rat trap now, so I can't say I blame her.’
  • 3 informal A shabby, squalid, or ramshackle building or establishment.

    • ‘The writer/director brings us the story of JT, the whiny, restless son of a rat trap motel owner.’



/ˈratˌtrap/ /ˈrætˌtræp/