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  • (of a ferocious wild animal) extremely hungry and hunting for prey.

    ‘they turned on each other like ravening wolves’
    • ‘What's very annoying is that as soon as the meals are brought in the rest of the family become like a pack of ravening wolves and will promptly start begging for them.’
    • ‘She sees them as ravening beasts that will gnaw holes in the walls and use our credit cards when we aren't looking.’
    • ‘Some people can turn into ravening beasts under the light of a full moon but they aren't werewolves.’
    • ‘My infant heart would leap at the sound of the lunch bell, and every day I would fall on that school dinner like a ravening wolf.’
    • ‘Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.’
    • ‘Unbidden, desire for her rose within, like some ravening beast.’
    • ‘Electricity crawled along the silhouette of the ravening beast, and its viciously pointed beak glinted and was outlined in a shifting corona of spitting sparks.’
    • ‘Hung on the walls were beautiful dagger hilts shaped as hawks and dragons, one a ravening wolf with a great diamond clasped in it jaws.’
    • ‘While your legends may beg to differ, we are not mindless, ravening creatures.’
    • ‘It's a school training day so I am off to Chessington World of Adventures with a ravening horde of birthday-maddened infants.’
    • ‘He got savaged, for the umpteenth time, by a horde of ravening Republicans.’
    • ‘‘In the evening they came to a water hole,’ one caption read, ‘and there they slaked their ravening thirsts.’’
    • ‘For years Martians were imagined as the stuff of nightmares - bug-eyed monsters, ravening warlords or advanced experimenters on humans.’
    • ‘Once we get to dinner time the peace and quiet is shattered by three ravening teenagers all demanding food and demanding it now.’
    • ‘People who think porn will turn you into a ravening sexual predator are in denial about the fact that 95% of men have watched pornography.’
    • ‘Watching husbands and wives and children all screaming at each other and acting like a ravening pack of spoiled brats for an hour is pretty unedifying stuff.’
    • ‘Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. ~ Matthew 7: 15’
    • ‘Kipling, Burroughs, H.G. Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle, and many lesser authors penned stories full of animal hides and bare feet, struggles for food and battles with ravening beasts.’
    • ‘The humble person approaches ravening beasts, and when their gaze rests upon him, their wildness is tamed.’
    insatiable, unquenchable, unappeasable, prodigious, uncontrollable, uncontrolled, omnivorous, compulsive, gluttonous, greedy, rapacious



/ˈrav(ə)niNG/ /ˈræv(ə)nɪŋ/