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  • 1 informal A person who regularly goes to raves.

    • ‘Following the death of a young raver, the Rave scene has been a hot topic of discussion among the Canadian media for the past year.’
    • ‘The rural backwater was in the throes of a new cultural phenomenon: rave, and the ravers ' drug of choice, ecstasy.’
    • ‘You don't see ravers shooting each other in the streets like Tupac and Biggie Smalls.’
    • ‘We need the world to see all of these things, not those horrible ravers and their hedonistic dance orgies!’
    • ‘A PARTY on a popular beach in an exclusive part of Dublin turned ugly over the weekend when 200 gardaí confronted 500 ravers.’
    • ‘Its products have consumers reaching for water bottles like ravers, but it's likely that you won't have any choice but to drink one at some point.’
    • ‘Promoters and ravers who attended the community consultations say there was too little information available and the city is being too vague about the whole issue.’
    • ‘Predictably, club owners and ravers responded with a pressure campaign of their own, accusing city hall of being oppressive and anti-youth.’
    • ‘We Montreal ravers are a community of friendly, non-violent people people supporting a movement we sincerely believe in - Rave.’
    • ‘Most ravers started upstairs where the music was hard.’
    • ‘On June 26 city council will vote on the proposed bylaw, which includes a 3 a.m. curfew for all ravers.’
    • ‘I happened to notice a couple in their mid-fifties dancing alongside the bar stars, ravers, and sweaty topless men.’
    • ‘The ravers never showed at Odd Stork, which was probably just as well.’
    • ‘Making the point, police in London moved against thousands of ravers who had gathered in Hyde Park to protest against the law.’
    • ‘Two ravers are discussing how ridiculous it is that videogames are blamed for inciting killing sprees.’
    • ‘I remember playing Ennio Morricone at an afterhours for a bunch of bug-eyed ravers.’
    • ‘The ravers danced, the normals tapped their feet and the rockers looked a little perplexed.’
    • ‘But what are ravers to do when they want to get out of the afterhours and under the skies?’
    • ‘Many of us younger ravers missed out on the joyousness of the all-night party scene.’
  • 2A person who talks wildly or incoherently, as if delirious or insane.

    ‘Surprisingly, the ranters and the ravers don't dominate.’
    • ‘My Mum isn't a ranter and raver like James, she just has an amazing ability to state the obvious, repeat herself and just get on your nerves at times.’
    • ‘I am vocal on the pitch but have never been a ranter and raver off it.’
    • ‘He is not a ranter or raver which is great, because that is not what you want when things are going against you.’
    • ‘He is not a ranter and raver in the dressing room.’
    • ‘My last boss was Stan Ternent and he's old-school - a bit of a ranter and raver.’
    • ‘It's not a happy election climate, that's for sure, except for the ravers and the ragers.’



/ˈrāvər/ /ˈreɪvər/