Definition of raving in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrāviNG/ /ˈreɪvɪŋ/

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usually ravings
  • Wild, irrational, or incoherent talk.

    ‘the ravings of a madwoman’
    • ‘You can read what can only be described as the completely nonsensical ravings of this chap here.’
    • ‘What interests us here is not so much the completely irrationality of Carr's ravings, but the underlying reason for it.’
    • ‘If you can stomach such ravings, here's a taster.’
    • ‘Like a lunatic's ravings, his writing is inscrutable, absurd, yet shot through with phrases of visionary clarity and unpredictable poetry.’
    • ‘If you are wondering whether Scalia's ravings stem from some internally consistent theory, Ed Brayton will set you straight.’
    • ‘The frothy ravings have abated somewhat; victory will do that.’
    • ‘Going to have do something about those ravings of yours.’
    • ‘These hysterical ravings, however, I think he takes seriously.’
    • ‘Jian's preoccupation with Mr. Yang's ravings, though, is not without self-interest.’
    • ‘Some Marvel staffers, in terms they now regret or deny, denounced his work as the ravings of a washed-up, senile old man.’
    • ‘What she has so far are the awkward, and, at times, ponderous ravings of a talentless hack, obsessed and clueless.’
    • ‘But to tell you the truth, I don't find Rummy's ravings even mildly annoying any more.’
    • ‘Well, that didn't sound at all like the ravings of a madman.’
    • ‘The writers took it as the ravings of a madman.’
    • ‘Well, Thomas Jefferson said the book of revelations was the ravings of a lunatic.’
    • ‘To Britain, this may sound like the ravings of lunatics.’
    • ‘Yet, when we predicted this outcome, you scoffed at our warnings as hysterical ravings.’
    • ‘The vendor's insane ravings do not throw any light on the matter.’
    • ‘Sorry if I alarmed you with my insane ravings.’
    • ‘Austria also recognized that his doubts could well just be the paranoid ravings of someone who played Diplomacy too much.’
    gibberish, rambling, babbling, wild talk, incoherent talk
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  • Used to emphasize the bad or extreme quality of someone or something.

    • ‘she'd never been a raving beauty’
    • ‘have you gone raving mad?’
    • ‘He writes in a confounding way that always makes me end up thinking that he is a raving buffoon or a extraordinarily perceptive genius.’
    • ‘Versa was afraid to take any more steps, for fear that her intrusion would jerk him back into reality, and send him raving mad.’
    • ‘He seemed to think the recorder was The Way to teach us music so he must have been a raving psychopath.’
    • ‘Why do they want to see a raving lunatic, saying things he might regret?’
    • ‘The moment they put me in bed I was a raving lunatic.’
    • ‘You already know I'm not a raving environmentalist.’
    • ‘Even as a raving crank, Joe has weird delusions of normalcy.’
    • ‘I'm not going to turn into a raving fundamentalist.’
    • ‘Though I have some mental health issues, I am not a raving lunatic.’
    • ‘If he doesn't do something soon, he'll definitely go stark raving mad.’
    • ‘"For years, I was a raving lunatic, " he says now.’
    • ‘Well, once again I'm not going to call them raving maniacs.’
    • ‘You might help to counter the raving loons that have used his comment section to attack him too.’
    • ‘He had also noticed his brother dancing with the raving beauty, Katherine.’
    • ‘She was not a raving beauty like most of the girls he knew.’
    • ‘She knew that she wasn't the raving beauty that she had always wished she was.’
    very great, considerable, remarkable, extraordinary, singular, striking, outstanding, stunning
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