Definition of ray-finned fish in English:

ray-finned fish


  • A fish of a large group having thin fins strengthened by slender rays, including all bony fishes apart from the coelacanth and lungfishes.

    Subclass (or class) Actinopterygii: numerous orders

    ‘This mounted skeleton of the common perch shows several characteristics of ray-finned fish.’
    • ‘While everyone knows that fish live in water and breathe through gills, the simile ‘like a fish out of water’ does not always apply to ray-finned fish.’
    • ‘Gliding is actually common among vertebrates; several reptiles, mammals, and even ray-finned fish have evolved gliding.’
    • ‘Additional genome duplication, specifically in ray-finned fish, may have occurred before the divergence of the teleosts.’
    • ‘This finding is in accordance with the hypothesis of an ancient whole-genome duplication in the ray-finned fish lineage.’


ray-finned fish

/rā find fiSH/ /reɪ fɪnd fɪʃ/