Definition of ray floret in English:

ray floret


  • (in a composite flower head of the daisy family) any of a number of strap-shaped and typically sterile florets that form the ray. In plants such as dandelions the flower head is composed entirely of ray florets.

    Compare with disk floret

    ‘Heads on discoid plants have an extra whorl of disc florets instead of ray florets.’
    • ‘Capitula include on average 17 peripheral sterile ray flowers and 43 central hermaphroditic disc flowers.’
    • ‘Those outer flowers are called ray flowers - for that petal - while the inner flowers are called disk flowers.’
    • ‘The daisylike blooms are composed of short disc flowers surrounded by single or multiple rows of petal-like ray flowers.’
    • ‘The senescent daisies still retained a few partly shriveled ray flowers.’


ray floret

/rā ˈflôrət/ /reɪ ˈflɔrət/