Definition of Rayleigh wave in English:

Rayleigh wave


  • An undulating wave that travels over the surface of a solid, especially of the ground in an earthquake, with a speed independent of wavelength, the motion of the particles being in ellipses.

    ‘There are two types of surface waves: Love and Rayleigh waves.’
    • ‘Arrows depict the high amplitude ground surface waves with velocities equivalent to Rayleigh waves, and higher velocity body waves, most probably p waves.’
    • ‘The largest amplitudes seen in this movie are the Rayleigh waves traveling around the globe.’
    • ‘In the complex environments of wood and soil substrates, it is probable that more than one type of boundary wave, especially longitudinal and Rayleigh waves, is important.’
    • ‘But dry sand, like that found in desert dunes is a surprisingly good conductor of the wave type that carries most of the energy away from surface disturbances-the Rayleigh wave.’


Rayleigh wave

/ˈrālē wāv/ /ˈreɪli weɪv/