Definition of rayon in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrāˌän/ /ˈreɪˌɑn/

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  • A textile fiber or fabric made from regenerated cellulose (viscose)

    ‘clothing made of rayon’
    • ‘a rayon skirt’
    • ‘The chemical is used in the production of textiles such as rayon and viscose.’
    • ‘Cotton and rayon are cellulosic fibre and may be cleaned using all cleaning methods.’
    • ‘The most important of these were developments from combinations of cellulose which made possible a wide range of new products including parkesine (the first commercial plastic), photographic film, and viscose rayon.’
    • ‘The second material is a fiber composed of viscose / rayon that absorbs and wicks exudate laterally.’
    • ‘If you want something to come out in generally the same color family, choose a natural fiber such as cotton, linen, rayon, or silk.’
    • ‘The rayon and cellulose for tampons and sanitary napkins produced at this mill are made with elemental chlorine.’
    • ‘Keep in mind that the fabric must be all natural fiber, that is, cotton, silk, linen, or rayon, in order to take the dye.’
    • ‘At the high-quality end of the industry, flock manufacturers cut flock from long cables of parallel monofilaments of nylon, rayon, or polyester.’
    • ‘But since DEET can damage plastics, rayon, spandex, and leather, some consumers look for alternative insect repellents.’
    • ‘The first two chapters retell the pre-World War II histories of rayon and nylon, the first man-made textile fibers.’
    • ‘In the 1930s, when deflation and dictatorship circumscribed the strategies of light industry, employers in wool, cotton, and rayon reverted to a familiar form of company paternalism with the help of sisters on the payroll.’
    • ‘Sulfuric acid is used in making paints, pigments, dyes and rayon; and for battery acid.’
    • ‘Linen, always a staple for summer, is blended with synthetics like rayon and polyester to add sheen and reduce wrinkling.’
    • ‘The fourth fiber, viscous rayon, remains in use today.’
    • ‘It is usually spun into fibers as rayon, but it is also cast in films as cellophane.’
    • ‘The material is made by heating synthetic fibers, such as rayon, until charred.’
    • ‘With a few notable exceptions such as rayon, most synthetic fibers come from petrochemicals.’
    • ‘We were told to use small bits of fiber such as rayon or cotton, card wads or powdery filler such as Cream of Wheat.’
    • ‘Velvet is made of acetate, nylon, some other fibers, in addition to silk / rayon, so check fiber content carefully.’
    • ‘Hydroxyl groups in the cellulose molecule cause rayon to absorb water; in the dry state the fibers are hydrogen bonded, and dry rayon retains its strength even at high temperatures.’


1920s an arbitrary formation.