Definition of Razakar in English:


(also Razakhar)

Pronunciation /ˌrazəˈkɑː/ /ˌrazɑːˈkɑː/


  • 1A member of a volunteer Islamic militia group organized in 1947 to resist the integration of the state of Hyderabad into India and support the hereditary rule of the Nizam and disbanded in 1948 after defeat by the Indian army and the annexation of Hyderabad by India.

  • 2A member of a Pakistani Islamic militia which opposed the pro-Bangladesh forces in the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971.


1940s. From Urdu rażākār volunteer, apparently from rażā approval, consent, compliance, free will (from Persian riżā that which is approved, that which is pleasing from Arabic riḍā’, verbal noun of raḍī to approve, to be pleased with) + Persian kār work, deeds.