Definition of razor-thin in English:


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  • 1Extremely thin.

    ‘razor-thin slices of salmon’
    • ‘The area around your pinky is where you'll start hunting for the razor thin crescent moon.’
    • ‘She began to slowly tear the leaf along the razor thin veins.’
    • ‘The heat sears my head in razor thin strips between tight parcels of foil.’
    • ‘Sally's lips closed to a razor thin slit, resting nimbly.’
    • ‘On March 8th, the razor thin crescent moon lies only 6 degrees to the left of Mars.’
    • ‘Here sweeping, razor-thin incisions slash through medium without ever cutting through to canvas.’
    • ‘At night a razor-thin beam of light shone across the store at a height of several feet.’
    • ‘Most high-speed catamarans are built to outmuscle the oceans, but Team Phillips's razor-thin bows slice smoothly through waves.’
    • ‘Although he is razor thin, the youngster certainly puts himself about the park.’
    • ‘Although never a classically handsome frontman, the wild-eyed, razor-thin Cave suddenly found himself an object of female fascination.’
    • ‘By this time Virginia was razor thin and experiencing paranoid delusions.’
    • ‘Every razor thin slice of meat is astounding, melting in your mouth and growing in flavor as you slowly savor each piece.’
    1. 1.1(especially of a margin of victory) very slim; barely achieved.
      ‘a razor-thin margin of eight votes’
      • ‘The profit margin for small scale hosting is razor thin.’
      • ‘He won his 2002 election with a razor-thin margin.’
      • ‘In the initial returns, Mr. Siegelman appeared to have won by a razor-thin margin.’
      • ‘Only 32 percent of the electorate turned up at the polls, voting by a razor-thin margin to retain the existing law.’
      • ‘We'll look at how he pulled out a razor-thin reelection win.’
      • ‘The mayor was re-elected this weekend by a razor-thin margin.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, Democrats will be struggling to hold on to their razor-thin majority in the Senate.’
      • ‘Nevertheless, in September 2003 Proposition 12 passed by a razor-thin majority.’
      • ‘On Friday, Bush travels to Florida to rally voters in Miami in hopes of expanding the razor-thin victory he had there in 2000.’
      • ‘The motion was defeated by a razor thin vote of 137 to 132.’
      • ‘The top House Democrat is crying foul today over the razor-thin passage of the Central America Free Trade Agreement.’
      • ‘None of this is helped, say analysts, by the razor-thin profit margins for many suppliers.’
      • ‘You have this razor thin majority in the House of Representatives right now.’
      • ‘Profit margins, accordingly, are razor thin.’
      • ‘Our margin in the Senate is also razor-thin.’
      • ‘A majority of Americans are already experiencing buyers' remorse; Bush's razor-thin victory on election day may have witnessed the height of his popularity.’
      • ‘And with a third of the vote in, Hackett is managing to hold on to a razor thin lead.’
      • ‘Bad weather, skyrocketing fuel prices and fierce discount competition are reducing profit margins to razor-thin levels.’
      • ‘Will his condition wipe out the Democrats' razor-thin advantage in the Senate?’