Definition of razor blade in English:

razor blade


  • A blade used in a razor, typically a flat piece of metal with a sharp edge or edges used in a safety razor.

    • ‘When the first person laid the sharp edge of a razor blade on my stomach, I didn't even flinch.’
    • ‘Wieder remembers cutting mats using a razor blade and a straight edge.’
    • ‘Not only the thorns, but also the petals are sharper than a razor blade.’
    • ‘Cut the nozzle with a sharp razor blade or utility knife to about a 45-degree angle.’
    • ‘Use a razor blade held flat against the liner, and try to shave off the raised lip.’
    • ‘When there are bubbles, cut into the veneer with a sharp razor blade using a steel rule for guidance.’
    • ‘Split the crowns at the base of stems with a sharp knife or a razor blade to detect rot.’
    • ‘A smooth transverse surface was made at the lower cut end with a sharp razor blade.’
    • ‘It wasn't that long ago that I was editing radio reports with a piece of tape and a razor blade!’
    • ‘Crosses were scored onto metal sample stubs using a single-edged razor blade.’
    • ‘The idea is to use a razor blade to see into how many tiny pieces you can cut one of the long vegetables.’
    • ‘So when you get back to work, you're not only drunk but your tongue feels like someone scraped it with the dull end of a razor blade.’
    • ‘My limbs are stiff and painful, my nose is running like a tap, my throat feels like I've swallowed a razor blade, and I feel like I am drunk.’
    • ‘Yeah, in the production booth we had to splice tape off a reel-to-reel deck, using a razor blade and tape.’
    • ‘He sliced his finger up with a razor blade beforehand as well so he was in a bit of pain and I think that he just needed to calm down for a minute.’
    • ‘So I showed them the scratches all over my hands and arms: fine red lines, some of them quite deep, as if made by a razor blade.’
    • ‘Having no splicer, Markopoulos edited the film with a magnifying glass, cellophane tape an a razor blade.’
    • ‘After storage, thick transversal sections were made with a razor blade.’
    • ‘I think I saw Chad standing over me with a razor blade, but I really don't know.’
    • ‘Use a single-edge razor blade, matte knife, or coping saw with a very fine blade for detail cutting.’


razor blade