Definition of re- in English:


Pronunciation /rē/ /ri/


  • 1Once more; afresh; anew.

    1. 1.1With return to a previous state.
  • 2

    (also red-)
    In return; mutually.

    1. 2.1In opposition.
  • 3Behind or after.

    1. 3.1In a withdrawn state.
    2. 3.2Back and away; down.
  • 4With frequentative or intensive force.

  • 5With negative force.



In modern English, the tendency is for words formed with prefixes such as re- to be unhyphenated: reacquaint, reconsider, reshape. For the sake of clarity, however, hyphenation is sometimes favored when the root word begins with a vowel: re-elect, for instance, may be preferred as a less awkward spelling than reelect. A hyphen is often used when the word formed with the prefix would be identical in form with, but different in meaning and pronunciation from, an already existing word: re-cover (meaning ‘cover again,’ as in we decided to re-cover the dining-room chairs), as opposed to recover (meaning ‘get better in health’)


From Latin re-, red- ‘again, back’.



/rē/ /ri/