Definition of re-emphasize in English:


transitive verb

(also British re-emphasise)
[with object]
  • Place emphasis on (something) again.

    ‘recent empirical findings re-emphasize that broad-based economic growth’
    • ‘In the 1980s solvent abuse was something everybody was aware of and this campaign is about re-emphasising the dangers.’
    • ‘Significantly, Downing Street's suggestion that exile would head off war re-emphasises that disarmament is no longer the sole aim of what is being called the ‘coalition of the willing’.’
    • ‘But a new album, released tomorrow, re-emphasises the importance of the protest singer and the protest song.’
    • ‘The plan has not changed significantly but re-emphasises the need to create employment opportunities in the town.’
    • ‘That she never did any sport before May 2001 only re-emphasises the achievement.’
    • ‘But Labour remained well ahead in the opinion polls as they re-emphasised their dedication to public services by boosting their commitment to hospitals and schools, and promised to work ‘flat out’ for victory.’
    • ‘Sir Ian re-emphasised the police operation was ‘targeted against criminals - not any community or section of a community’.’
    • ‘Downing Street sources re-emphasised the government's position on the Euro, stating there was simply ‘no change’.’
    • ‘But he occasionally re-emphasised the anti-Communist rhetoric, as if to remind Gorbachev that he needed to continue on the path to reform.’
    • ‘He said: ‘We need to re-emphasise the benefits of physical education, sport and physical activity to children and young people through positive first experiences at school.’’
    • ‘We need to re-emphasise the benefits of sport and physical activity to children and young people, through positive first experiences at school.’
    • ‘As I see it, we should re-emphasise the crucial role drugs such as morphine, OxyContin and Methadone play in pain control while putting in perspective the very small number of people who will try any drug for a high.’
    • ‘Tomorrow's event could help to renew Acomb's confidence and re-emphasise the neighbourliness of which the borough is rightly proud.’
    • ‘And he revealed the emergency services were hoping to hold an event on Skipton High Street to re-emphasise the road safety message.’
    • ‘But he underlined the need for the party to re-emphasise its tax cutting instincts.’
    • ‘A number of communities are re-emphasizing the importance of country food.’
    • ‘In this respect, it also re-emphasizes the purposes of the United Nations itself.’
    • ‘It is re-emphasized, therefore, that conclusions regarding the identity of pollinators based on the multivariate analysis of floral traits should always be confirmed by field observations of actual pollinators.’
    • ‘Now that I've re-emphasized my main point, which I think deals with quite a few of the complaints made, I'll address a few of your comments individually.’
    • ‘The outcome of the case was very interesting, and re-emphasized an important lesson: let the chart speak for itself.’



/ˌrēˈem(p)fəˌsīz/ /ˌriˈɛm(p)fəˌsaɪz/