Definition of re-erection in English:



See re-erect

‘‘It is not acceptable for Hounslow to express regret at the taking down of the sign when they should have required its re-erection as part of the redevelopment package,’ she added.’
  • ‘There will be a gap before the second phase starts and re-erection of the wall is still in its planning stage.’
  • ‘The re-erection of the plaque commemorating the birthplace of Major John McBride who was executed in 1916 took place yesterday evening at The Helm Bar, The Quay, Westport.’
  • ‘The fountain has been dismantled at Greenwich, where it stood at the Royal Naval College, and is now stored prior to re-erection on its original plinth.’
  • ‘The various stones which made up the obelisk are believed to lie in the river, perhaps awaiting re-erection as a new monument to peace.’