Definition of re-evaluate in English:


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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Evaluate again or differently.

    ‘fifteen patients were re-evaluated after six months’
    • ‘I began to re-evaluate my life’
    • ‘One day after reporting a daily record of 12 deaths, Hong Kong began re-evaluating the drug treatment used in the region, which has seen 88 deaths.’
    • ‘Sources said that global insurers have begun once again re-evaluating the risk ratings of the domestic insurance market.’
    • ‘The whole approach to individuals suffering from acute stress reactions and post traumatic disorders as a result of their combat experiences was re-evaluated and revised.’
    • ‘Christmas too has been a damp squib for the merchants and businesses as people rethink and re-evaluate their priorities.’
    • ‘That begins a chain of events that leads him to re-evaluate his life and beliefs.’
    • ‘She will be medically re-evaluated during the coming months, and if she improves, that payment may be reduced, the spokesman said.’
    • ‘The nature of its work dictates that the A & E department will always have an unpredictable workload but Mr Hill said streamlining the hospital's systems and re-evaluating practices would help the process of trying to achieve targets.’
    • ‘It is a good example of how the students are re-evaluating traditional objects and making them contemporary.’
    • ‘I think we could all benefit from taking time out now and again and re-evaluating our lives.’
    • ‘In the meantime, we will be training our forces, re-evaluating our tactics, marshalling our strength, and, ultimately, keeping our eyes on the prize.’
    • ‘Faith groups are proving effective and the Service is currently re-evaluating its examinations and recruitment process in conjunction with them.’
    • ‘Given the context of a man seemingly re-evaluating his sense of inner worth, how does he feel now about his music having been used in car adverts?’
    • ‘While re-evaluating his life, he gets caught up in a feud between rival Scots-Italian ice-cream sellers.’
    • ‘The intelligence service was criticised for not re-evaluating its assessments in the light of Mr Blix's reports.’
    • ‘Again, connected in part to my new business enterprise I have been re-evaluating my approach to online security.’
    • ‘He takes the old material, looks at it anew, re-evaluates it and puts it into a theatrical context.’
    • ‘The Inland Revenue's Valuation Office Agency re-evaluates all businesses and non-domestic properties every five years.’
    • ‘Company spokesman, Sheena Wallis, said that the project had been re-evaluated and it was the company's intention to drill another exploratory well at the Dragon field later this year.’
    • ‘The Royal family are undoubtedly part of our historical heritage but how we now deal with that heritage is being, and should be, re-evaluated as we move into the twenty-first century.’
    • ‘A spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Police said the force had re-evaluated its own security arrangements but there was no specific intelligence to suggest it was at risk.’
    rethink, review, revise, re-examine, re-evaluate, reassess, reappraise, think better of, think over, take another look at, relook at, look at in a different light, have another think about



/ˌrēiˈvalyo͞oˌāt/ /ˌriɪˈvæljuˌeɪt/