Definition of re-exportation in English:


Pronunciation /ˌrē-ˌekspôrˈtāSHən/


See re-export

‘In this instance, the Canadian government would ban re-exportation to the United States, and the reimportation issue would become moot.’
  • ‘Callum Rankine, a WWF international species specialist, said: ‘Either demand is particularly high in Scotland or, more likely, Edinburgh is being used as a base for re-exportation into Europe and the rest of the UK.’’
  • ‘If Western food aid results in massive theft, corruption, and re-exportation, can you imagine what kleptomaniac dictators could do with expensive HIV medicine?’
  • ‘Colonial traffic and the re-exportation of colonial goods, principally sugar, to Mediterranean, Dutch, and German venues, were responsible for most of the growth of France's external trade.’
  • ‘Free trade area status would enable companies on Batam to import goods without paying customs duties and taxes, pending their eventual processing, transshipment or re-exportation.’