Definition of re-energize in English:


transitive verb

(also British re-energise)
[with object]
  • Give fresh vitality, enthusiasm, or impetus to.

    ‘new reconstruction projects will re-energize the flagging economy’
    • ‘The bailout money was supposed to be used to jump-start the economy by re-energizing lending.’
    • ‘In its policy review this autumn, the Labour party needs to make some imaginative leaps to re-energise its programme.’
    • ‘No, we don't need time to recover or reenergize.’
    • ‘Louisiana perioperative nurses redoubled their efforts by reenergizing their members.’
    • ‘Include breaks in your day, which will allow you to re-energize yourself.’
    • ‘The product fits in to the need to reenergize sales.’
    • ‘New Urban communities provide designed public realms whose purpose is to re-energize public discourse.’
    • ‘For Avon, multilevel selling has helped reenergize a flagging U.S. sales force.’
    • ‘He will announce a major American diplomatic campaign to re-energise the UN Security Council on the Iraq issue.’
    • ‘This month of December has totally re-energized me to start 2010 in the best mindset possible.’
    • ‘The vote reenergized a grass-roots organization called Canton Pride, which urged passage of the override.’
    • ‘You can re-energise tired sections of the garden simply by installing a lovely pot, or grouping of pots, in them.’
    • ‘Yet I do believe these occasions present a great opportunity to reenergize the movement.’
    • ‘It would really, I think, reenergize a lot of conservatives.’
    • ‘The experience has, among other things, re-energized an old belief of mine.’
    • ‘Many readers will turn there first to see Clinton wallow in his guilt only to then become re-energised by his battles with his conservative opponents.’
    • ‘E-mail alerts and text messages will be sent in the coming days to re-energize supporters.’
    • ‘The Japanese electronics industry is reaching the limit of functional design and sees the environment as the key to re-energising its economic performance.’
    • ‘It was discovered, however, that the physical body could be re-energized.’
    • ‘Hopefully the team building activity after lunch will re-energize me.’



/ˌrēˈenərjīz/ /ˌriˈɛnərdʒaɪz/