Definition of re-enter in English:


Pronunciation /ˌrēˈen(t)ər/ /ˌriˈɛn(t)ər/

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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Enter (something) again.

    ‘women who wish to re-enter the labor market’
    • ‘Just when it looks like you are about to enter the village of Brotton, a steep path re-enters the wood and we have a beck to cross.’
    • ‘After reaching the end of the lunch line, Matthew and I exited the hot and aroma filled kitchen and re-entered the cafeteria.’
    • ‘He refused to do so and insisted that he wished to re-enter the house.’
    • ‘Standard Life has also re-entered the Indian life assurance market after a 40-year gap.’
    • ‘Thus when she re-enters the store she is entering a part of a building as a trespasser intending to steal.’
    • ‘The circle is completed when the elder brother from America (also called Karl) re-enters the frame, having only just realised he was not, as he had been told, the son of another man whom his mother had married.’
    • ‘She describes the cloak of invisibility that descends on women whose looks have begun to fade, and strikes a particular nerve when she talks about the kindness that re-enters her life after plastic surgery.’
    • ‘The shuttle has to cope with temperatures of up to 1,200C when it re-enters the Earth's atmosphere.’
    • ‘His ex-wife, Andrea, re-enters Tyrone's life, bringing with her a proposal to write a book about Sierra, his daughter and a martyr of the movement.’
    • ‘If a person fails to comply with such a direction or complies but then re-enters the land within three months, an offence is committed which is punishable by a fine.’
    • ‘The blood often re-enters the aorta further down the vessel, in which case there is serious damage but the patient survives.’
    • ‘A few moments on, and she re-enters the room; I hear her moving about behind my head, and then her hands are on me.’
    • ‘One of Josephine's three children then pointed out to her the Access course at the University of Hertfordshire, and it was only then that she thought about re-entering education.’
    • ‘Secure metal sheets were welded across windows and doors at the former 50-room hotel and restaurant to prevent squatters re-entering the property.’
    • ‘More than 20 years before yesterday's tragedy Nasa staff feared that the shuttle would be destroyed while re-entering the atmosphere.’
    • ‘Mr Taylor first grabbed Mr Ormes to prevent him from re-entering the house.’
    • ‘Keane was reluctant to discuss further United's chances of re-entering the title race.’
    • ‘The court heard she had to go outside for several minutes to get some fresh air before re-entering the house.’
    • ‘The men stopped the woman from re-entering the building and alerted the emergency services.’
    • ‘The pair left the shop and re-entered seconds later after being attacked outside by the first and second defendants.’