Definition of reacceptance in English:



See reaccept

‘The first Documenta exhibition signified Germany's reacceptance of avant-garde art, which had been banned by the Nazis as degenerate.’
  • ‘Zellweger remains to provide a lightness of tone, particularly in her grudging reacceptance of her father.’
  • ‘There was a need ‘for the reacceptance of what may be described as an academic faith,’ James Thomson declared.’
  • ‘In July of 1864, the Union Congress proposed the Wade-Davis Bill, which would have made reacceptance into the Union more difficult for the rebels who wished to set up provisional Union governments in occupied states.’
  • ‘Libya's complete renunciation of weapons of mass destruction and looming reacceptance by the US and Britain may be most important for the not-so-subtle message it sends to Iran and North Korea.’