Definition of reach out in English:

reach out

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phrasal verb

  • 1Stretch out an arm in order to touch or grasp something.

    • ‘she reached out to squeeze Hope's hand’
    stretch out, hold out, extend, outstretch, thrust out, stick out
    1. 1.1reach something out, reach out somethingStretch out one's hand or arm.
      ‘he reached out a hand and touched her forehead’
      • ‘Unwittingly she slumped in the chair, her legs stretched out, and reached her hands out towards the fire for a bit of warmth.’
      • ‘He reached his hand out to me and stretched his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him.’
      • ‘And he reaches his hands out and just touches a baby's face.’
      • ‘He reaches his hand out to me and invites me to sit in the spa room with him away from the noise of the video.’
      • ‘When the song is over I reach my hand out and say, ‘Nice set, James,’ touching him on the shoulder.’
      • ‘I reach my arm out, place my fingers on the engine-off switch, and hesitate.’
      • ‘He nodded and reached his hand out as I sat down between his outstretched legs and leaned back against his chest.’
      • ‘And she smiled, reaching her arms out to me in love.’
      • ‘He sighed, closing his eyes and reaching his arms out in front of him.’
      • ‘‘Sorry I'm so late,’ she apologized, balancing her books in her hands, reaching her note out for Mr. Burrows to grab.’
      • ‘‘My name's Trevor,’ he said, reaching his hand out for a shake.’
      • ‘‘Watch your step,’ Shayla said, reaching her hand out to catch him.’
      • ‘The president smiled, reaching his hand out for the phone.’
      • ‘I walked towards the tiger, reaching my hand out to touch it.’
      • ‘Gracie smiled a genuine smile, reaching her hand out for a handshake.’
      • ‘Unconsciously, she slowly began to lean forward, reaching her hand out towards his face.’
      • ‘He moved closer, reaching his hand out to move the branches aside to see if anyone was hiding in the bush.’
      • ‘I walked towards it, slowly, reaching my hand out to grasp onto the brass doorknob.’
      • ‘Christopher took a step forward, reaching his hand out for her before he could catch himself.’
      • ‘Will, who walked in front of her, reaching his hand out, suddenly blocked her view.’
      reach out, hold out, put out, extend, outstretch, thrust out, stick out
  • 2mainly North American Seek to establish communication with someone, with the aim of offering or obtaining assistance or cooperation.

    ‘she was a great one for reaching out and helping people’
    • ‘we need to reach out to the members that are not as involved’
    • ‘They're getting a lot of people who want to volunteer to help and who are reaching out.’
    • ‘I mean, this is an honest man, a man of religion, a man who reaches out to people.’
    • ‘So tread lightly and confront the issue of what's going on in her family only if she reaches out to you for help.’
    • ‘Now he is reaching out to those who want help starting a business.’
    • ‘His success with voters has been attributed to his gift for reaching out and touching ordinary people.’
    • ‘It's a tool for reaching out to like-minded people across the world and bonding with them.’
    • ‘He said he will win the next election not through the media, but by reaching out to people locally.’
    • ‘Both are very skilful indeed at reaching out to other people who resent cleverness and learning.’
    • ‘I was further touched by the Office of the Prime Minister reaching out to the homeless hero.’
    • ‘It's also a parish that is very keen on reaching out to other people.’
    • ‘By not reaching out to the victim's families initially in her work she was accused of being a coward.’
    • ‘In other words, we would be reaching out to those who don't need reaching out to.’
    • ‘It was a touching human gesture, a leader reaching out to those who are weakest.’
    • ‘Now police and firefighters are working together to try to stop the problem by reaching out to young people in the area.’
    • ‘Canada is not alone in reaching out to foreign entrepreneurs.’
    • ‘The pair reached out to artists who had been part of Judd's world.’
    • ‘The focus changed after he reached out to Russell's longtime partner, who still lived in the East Village.’
    • ‘Have you reached out to him since he's been back?’
    • ‘Diller said the networks had not reached out to him.’
    • ‘J.J. confirmed that he is considering the 38-year-old star for the role after he reached out to him via email.’