Definition of reachable in English:


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  • 1Able to be reached; accessible or achievable.

    ‘all the wires were easily reachable’
    • ‘a lush tropical island only reachable by seaplane’
    • ‘make sure that you set goals that are reachable’
    • ‘The tower contained a single apartment above a storage chamber, reachable only through a trapdoor.’
    • ‘Other waterfalls are in deep forests, reachable only by vigorous hiking.’
    • ‘Aim for what's reachable, then write down a simple plan of action.’
    • ‘From Mombasa, the nearest park reachable by road is Tsavo East, four hours away.’
    • ‘Iquitos lies four degrees south of the Equator, reachable only by boat or plane.’
    • ‘Rome is easily reachable by train from throughout Europe.’
    • ‘The island is quite easily reachable with a fast boat service from Split.’
    • ‘Set small, reachable goals for yourself.’
    • ‘We set reachable targets.’
    • ‘Some seating is in a mezzanine area not reachable by wheelchair.’
    • ‘Set reachable milestones.’
    • ‘Targeted to those scholars and others interested in behavioral sciences, this book remains reachable to non-psychologist types.’
    1. 1.1Able to be contacted.
      ‘I'll be reachable by email’
      • ‘An effort is on to get together a list of voluntary donors who are reachable over the telephone.’
      • ‘News organizations rely upon easily reachable government officials.’
      • ‘It provides the network capabilities that enable users to personalize their communications and be easily reachable when and where they desire.’
      • ‘He was not immediately reachable for comment.’
      • ‘We are reachable by email.’
      • ‘What they're really trying to do is reach people who really aren't reachable by commercials and by standard news media.’
      • ‘No one was reachable at its offices for comment last week.’
      • ‘Even as parents grow more accustomed to their children being reachable, the cell phone is becoming a symbol of independence.’
      • ‘Every time a number is dialed the phone says that the subscriber is 'not reachable'.’
      • ‘You have to be contactable and reachable.’
      • ‘We are reachable by video-link too.’



/ˈrēCHəb(ə)l/ /ˈritʃəb(ə)l/