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  • The nonresistive component of impedance in an AC circuit, arising from the effect of inductance or capacitance or both and causing the current to be out of phase with the electromotive force causing it.

    ‘the capacitor exhibits negligible reactance at the operating frequency’
    • ‘complicated combinations of reactances and resistances’
    • ‘The short answer is - impedance includes reactance, and reactance includes effects which vary with frequency due to inductance and capacitance.’
    • ‘This can be caused by many contributors such as loaded cables acting as a lowpass filters, and other influences of inductive and capacitive reactance.’
    • ‘Because such a structure will be inherently inductive there will be some inductive reactance opposing current flow.’
    • ‘A radiating structure involving very low resistance and very high reactance is the definition of a high Q circuit, and such circuits have very narrow bandwidth.’
    • ‘It may be expressed as IX, where X, the reactance, is the imaginary part of the impedance.’



/rēˈaktns/ /riˈæktns/