Definition of read-only memory in English:

read-only memory

(also ROM)

Pronunciation /ˌrēdˌōnlē ˈmem(ə)rē/ /ˌridˌoʊnli ˈmɛm(ə)ri/

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  • Memory read at high speed but not capable of being changed by program instructions.

    ‘The program package includes a read-only memory compact disk (CD ROM) and teacher workbook.’
    • ‘Another option is to store important programs in read-only memory so that a virus cannot overwrite them.’
    • ‘Batch inquires are submitted for processing online or on compact disk, read-only memory (CD-ROM) and floppy disks/diskettes.’
    • ‘It is equally easy for an insider to save this data to floppy disks, compact discs with read-only memory (CD ROMs), or even to another hard drive they brought in themselves.’
    • ‘The chips will be based on nitrided read-only memory technology, an approach to flash that stores 2bit per cell.’
    • ‘Shipments of mask read-only memory declined by 45 percent in the first quarter from the previous three months.’
    memory bank, store, cache, disk, RAM, ROM