Definition of read up in English:

read up

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phrasal verb

  • Acquire information about a particular subject by studying it intensively.

    ‘she spent the time reading up on antenatal care’
    • ‘you should read up about how he sometimes saw ghosts’
    • ‘I am reading up before I go’
    • ‘That's right, I was reading up on a study done there.’
    • ‘Before taking it, I insist on reading up on the subject.’
    • ‘What you need to do is to get in the right frame of mind by reading up on the subject.’
    • ‘Minutes earlier he had made reference to ‘some journalists ‘who take the time to read up on their subjects.’’
    • ‘I suggest that you read up on this subject, Joan.’
    • ‘At the pre-natal stage both parents should read up on the subject and have a fair idea of what to expect once the child arrives.’
    • ‘He wants parents to discuss drug issues with their children and read up on the subject before a swab sample is suggested.’
    • ‘With the grand opening of Hong Kong Disneyland, people must want to read up on the subject.’
    • ‘You can get all of the information here, so go read up on it and sign up!’
    • ‘Well, I see you've been reading up on the subject.’
    study, get up