Definition of readability in English:


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  • 1The quality of being legible or decipherable.

    ‘adding or removing space between lines can drastically improve readability’
    • ‘At small sizes, the font is a disaster, compromising both legibility and readability.’
    • ‘Sometimes printing instead of cursive writing can improve readability.’
    • ‘The higher resolution of the PDF pages should improve readability compared to HTML pages.’
    • ‘You can also use the conventional black texts with white backgrounds to ensure readability.’
    • ‘Large type and high contrast ensure perfect readability.’
    • ‘In print, there has been a school of thought that suggests serifs improve the readability of large texts.’
    • ‘Another practical concern is readability of the musical examples.’
    • ‘Online journal developers are well advised to take printing format and readability of printouts into consideration.’
    • ‘This improves the readability of the Web page, especially for those who may be visually impaired.’
    • ‘For readability, I usually place each field on a separate line.’
    1. 1.1The quality of being easy or enjoyable to read.
      ‘her prose combines lyricism with readability’
      • ‘His writing is marked both by clarity and readability.’
      • ‘Readability tests can be performed by computer.’
      • ‘The National Council of Teachers of English advise against uncritical use of readability formulas in assessing text for school use.’
      • ‘Readability scores are easy to obtain by using computerized grammar and style checking software programs.’
      • ‘Additional editing would vastly improve the readability of the book without altering its content.’
      • ‘To enhance readability among non-academic audiences, the author chose not to place footnotes and citations in the text.’
      • ‘The diaries' readability is considerably enhanced by the two-stage compositional methods she developed.’
      • ‘This readability allows readers less familiar with the arguments to rapidly acquaint themselves with the usual analysis of capitalism's post-war golden era.’
      • ‘Quick and easy readability is the goal.’
      • ‘His down to earth humor and easy readability is refreshing!’
      • ‘The book, with compelling lucidity, draws the reader into a rare mix of erudite scholarship and sheer readability.’



/ˌrēdəˈbilədē/ /ˌridəˈbɪlədi/