Definition of readjustment in English:


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  • 1An alteration or correction made to achieve a desired fit, appearance, or result.

    ‘intermittent warm-ups and microphone readjustments’
    • ‘the commercial property market has certainly experienced a significant readjustment’
    • ‘The government hired the company to recommend readjustments to the salaries of chief executives.’
    • ‘Our approach will require some painful readjustments in our own party.’
    • ‘Price readjustments have become increasingly prevalent in the middle market.’
    • ‘The piece was acutely in need of some serious editorial readjustment.’
    • ‘One of the many readjustments you have to make when you move to a new area is that you have to experiment to find the better takeaways all over again!’
    • ‘I made the usual mental readjustments to my image of her.’
    • ‘Most economists assume some sort of readjustment is inevitable.’
    • ‘This requires constant readjustment of the settings.’
    • ‘Under the structural readjustment program, trade liberalisation was introduced.’
    • ‘Some readjustment of water rights appears essential.’
    1. 1.1The process of adapting or becoming used to a changed situation.
      ‘was there a period of readjustment you had to go through when you went back to work?’
      • ‘Astronauts must undergo a radical readjustment after returning from space.’
      • ‘The felon would be speedily returned to gainful employment without the lengthy readjustment undergone by victims of our present prison system.’
      • ‘Successful readjustment to the school environment depends partly upon the quality of the transition plan.’
      • ‘The longer the evacuees remained in centers, the more dependent they would become, and the harder readjustment would be to make.’
      • ‘After working for the Peace Corps, he said, everyone needs some time for readjustment.’
      • ‘After the whole summer without a routine, it takes some readjustment.’
      • ‘He heads the VA's national office of readjustment counseling services.’
      • ‘We are in a period of readjustment after the collapse of one of the biggest stockmarket bubbles in history.’
      • ‘Loss of a family member involves a process of readjustment.’
      • ‘Bereavement is an overall process of readjustment.’



/ˌrēəˈjəs(t)m(ə)nt/ /ˌriəˈdʒəs(t)m(ə)nt/