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  • Ready-mixed concrete.

    as modifier ‘ready-mix trucks’
    • ‘Perhaps this is because most of the visible concrete jobs are big, commercial affairs surrounded by roaring ready-mix trucks and a lot of wildly gesticulating, dirt-caked workers.’
    • ‘Many tool rental companies offer ready-mix concrete with small minimums and reduced prices.’
    • ‘In the early 1990s, concrete firms sold their ready-mix trucks to their employee drivers, forcing them to become contractors.’
    • ‘Exhaust from idling diesel engines, especially from ready-mix concrete trucks, poured into this space.’
    • ‘Many have observed the benefit of using materials with a minimum thickness of 15 mils when ready-mix trucks or laser screeds drive directly on the vapor retarder.’
    • ‘One of the most visible changes associated with the new identity is the livery of the cement and ready-mix trucks.’
    • ‘But since these products are applied over existing concrete surfaces, ready-mix producers aren't interested in promoting or distributing them.’
    • ‘In succeeding years, grain merchandising, agronomy/fertilizer, feed sales and ready-mix concrete departments were added.’
    • ‘Everyone from designers to ready-mix producers to concrete contractors knows that we aren't out to embarrass anyone or to throw fuel onto a burning issue.’
    • ‘He began removing forms from a recently completed wall while a concrete crew poured ready-mix nearby.’
    • ‘During this period, there was no particular boom in the construction industry, the major user of ready-mix concrete.’
    • ‘Some ready-mix companies offer the use of these as a customer courtesy, otherwise get one for the day at a rent-all.’
    • ‘It took 79 ready-mix trucks to keep up with the schedule.’
    • ‘The room was full of ready-mix sales people, cement sales people, ad sales people.’
    • ‘Toward the end of each day ready-mix trucks were loaded with aggregate and water.’
    • ‘Get a small amount of the same Portland cement and sand used on your project by your ready-mix supplier.’
    • ‘Notify your ready-mix producer several days before you need concrete so there is time to stock the aggregate and pre-soak it.’
    • ‘He is director of marketing of the Michigan Concrete Association, which focuses on ready-mix.’
    • ‘In the developing countries where it dominates, bagged cement sales outstrip those of ready-mix.’
    • ‘I started to work with some ready-mix suppliers to get bigger stone in my mixes.’



/ˈredēˌmiks/ /ˈrɛdiˌmɪks/