Definition of real estate agent in English:

real estate agent

Pronunciation /ri(ə)l əsˈteɪt/


North American
  • A person who sells and rents out buildings and land for clients.

    British term estate agent

    ‘When somebody applies to be a tenant to a real estate agent, do real estate agents automatically tap their name into the database to see if they're on the list?’
    • ‘The purchaser closed the deal but sued his own real estate agent and the agents for the vendor for damages.’
    • ‘She obtained her real estate agent and broker's licence and continued to carry on both activities after the children were born.’
    • ‘In Florida, the governing body over real estate agents and brokers is the Real Estate Trade Commission.’
    • ‘In her statement, Grace attributed a value of $209, 000.00 based upon 2 letters of opinion from real estate agents.’
    • ‘You would not want to have a principle of the application of the Trades Practices Act that effectively makes real estate agents guarantors for survey material.’
    • ‘We drew together some city planners, attorneys and real estate agents to work with long-range planning.’
    • ‘The purchasers drafted the agreement with the assistance of their real estate agent and it was accepted as drafted.’
    • ‘No evidence was adduced by either side to indicate the normal method of treating income for tax purposes by real estate agents.’
    • ‘They were advised by the real estate agent that the engineering report was not reliable.’
    • ‘Hurst did everything expected of a real estate agent in order to sell the property.’
    • ‘If you've ever sold a house, you know that real estate agents can charge a commission between 5 and 6 percent.’
    • ‘The images are available to both real estate agents and the general public.’
    • ‘Our real estate agents promote living in the country as an idyllic lifestyle.’
    • ‘Next we contact a real estate agent and tell the agent our requirements.’
    • ‘He said in developed countries, nearly 95 per cent of the real estate property transactions are carried out through real estate agents.’
    • ‘Shanghai has about 19 different real estate markets, I was taught by a real estate agent.’
    • ‘For Stewart, who is a licensed real estate agent, the housing market is familiar terrain.’
    • ‘She said the threats had been made by ‘some real estate agents and some business people who are trying to speculate.’’
    • ‘To speed the process, he had a mortgage broker on hand, but no real estate agents in sight.’