Definition of real life in English:

real life


  • Life as it is lived in reality, involving unwelcome as well as welcome experiences, as distinct from a fictional world.

    as modifier ‘real-life situations’
    • ‘We should actually be out there talking to people because they've got real-life experiences that they want to share.’
    • ‘This real-life experience for students is real work in a small business working environment.’
    • ‘Academic research shook hands with real-life experience in Geraldton last week.’
    • ‘It is about giving them suitable work experience and real-life challenges.’
    • ‘Teachers experience the real-life situations and as such we must voice our concerns.’
    • ‘Bodies were found in libraries, or in any place other than where real-life murders actually take place.’
    • ‘In real-life situations, the judgment that A is the same person as B typically has moral implications.’
    • ‘We hope to feature real-life examples of steps you can take to improve the environment in which you work.’
    • ‘The guns are all quite powerful and accurately model their real-life counterparts.’
    • ‘People sit and watch that documentary, which is real-life stuff, not a soap opera.’
    • ‘Given the record of our real-life heroes I would any day prefer the unreal ones from cinema.’
    • ‘Animals are typically tested using methods and doses that are at odds with real-life conditions.’
    • ‘The series has a reputation for an uncanny prescience when it comes to mirroring real-life events.’
    • ‘Both are great real-life characters and have a lot of neat stories to tell.’
    • ‘Those findings are backed up by the real-life experiences of ordinary people all over this country.’
    • ‘We were embarking on a real-life experiment into whether it's worth paying the extra to have professionals.’
    • ‘This gave the competitors a real-life representation of how the stock market works.’
    • ‘Those tasks should come from the real-life situations that they might be called upon to do.’
    • ‘Their training clicked into place and they used it well in a real-life situation.’
    • ‘The film keeps cutting back from the snow to the real-life protagonists as they relive their experience.’
    true to life, lifelike, true, truthful, faithful, real-life, close, naturalistic, authentic, genuine, representational, graphic, convincing


real life

/ˌrē(ə)l ˈlīf/ /ˌri(ə)l ˈlaɪf/