Definition of real live in English:

real live


  • Used to emphasize the existence of something, especially if it is surprising or unusual.

    ‘a real live detective had been at the factory’
    • ‘I think there is a real live monkey living in my computer and he messes with my head by dealing me hands that cannot be won.’
    • ‘After three years I am actually taking a real live vacation where I pack a suitcase, get on a plane, and sleep in a hotel.’
    • ‘Have I ever shared with you my actual fear of real live trains?’
    • ‘He had the advantage of hearing some actual real live witnesses, I gather?’
    • ‘Your job is to, once you have been presented with a real live child, help encourage that child's interest in the best way that you can.’
    • ‘Yes, a real live tug-of-war; just like the times of old, when merely killing the odd dragon here and there wasn't enough to prove your strength.’
    • ‘So read books or listen to books or watch TV or listen to music or walk around in silence or have a conversation with some real live people.’
    • ‘Their problems are more complicated than hunger or lack of shelter, and that means they need real live people helping them out.’
    • ‘The fire alarm went off, and we thought it was a real live fire.’
    • ‘I believe this is where real live performers steal the show.’