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real time

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  • 1The actual time during which a process or event occurs.

    ‘along with much of the country, he watched events unfolding in real time on TV’
    • ‘Payment is made by credit or debit card and is processed securely online in real time.’
    • ‘What is new is the array of information resources now available in real time or near real time.’
    • ‘It is possible to do impressive things in real time, as computer games demonstrate.’
    • ‘RealPlayer streaming software allows the delivery of video and audio in real time over the internet.’
    • ‘Text is highlighted in real time as the audio file is played back.’
    • ‘It gives access to corporate information, reports and documents for business processes in real time.’
    • ‘Most visual environments contain more information than the human brain can process in real time.’
    • ‘The software provides feedback in real time; there are three levels of difficulty.’
    • ‘Each area exists in real time and the time of day does change as you play.’
    • ‘Engineering staff can then take advantage of the corporate knowledgebase in real time.’
    • ‘We were able to address the situation in real time without rebooting a single machine.’
    • ‘The system shows the school in real time, but recordings of specific events, good or bad, can be retrieved and saved on CDs.’
    • ‘The file sharing is not in real time with everyone working off the same version of the data.’
    • ‘This is definitely not video, we are using computers to manipulate images in real time by analysing audio input.’
    • ‘Unlike still photography, the algorithm can produce the image in real time, on an ordinary laptop.’
    • ‘The result will allow viewers to watch sporting events while playing the games in real time.’
    • ‘Media outlets have blasted world events to them in real time and around the clock.’
    • ‘Have you ever had to make a real time judgement on a child's safety?’
    • ‘I was watching events unfurl in real time, completely live, on a small portable device that sits on my lap.’
    • ‘You have to record and create in real time, and invest more time editing.’
    1. 1.1Computing as modifier Relating to a system in which input data is processed within milliseconds so that it is available virtually immediately as feedback, e.g., in a missile guidance or airline booking system.
      ‘real-time signal processing’
      • ‘The hard real-time system would guarantee that sensor inputs would not be missed.’
      • ‘In a real-time system, each of these cases would be an opportunity for a missed deadline.’
      • ‘The real-time combat system that the game is heavily dependant on is rock-solid.’
      • ‘We maintain a real-time database that tracks information about every known online fraud threat.’
      • ‘Unlike the call centre, this computerised system will offer real-time data.’
      • ‘The optimized change file may be inserted into the object code on a real-time basis.’
      • ‘This is the first game where terrain is used as an active part of the real-time gameplay.’
      • ‘In the works is a transition to full real-time processing, which is well underway.’
      • ‘That gives security personnel a real-time database of who is actually in the building.’
      • ‘The network should also be useful for off-line, non real-time users via the Internet.’
      • ‘A real-time system would allow users to see delays and would give new estimated departure times.’
      • ‘Although a real-time link to ground exists, most of the data needs to be stored on hard disk.’
      • ‘Turning a browser into a buyer by using real-time support tools is an important step.’
      • ‘Crawling can never produce real-time indexing for search engines.’
      • ‘When activated as you browse the Internet, it displays a real time summary of the Web page that is open.’
      • ‘Other uses for this program could be access points or real time crypto or image processing.’
      • ‘For example, the real time monitoring of a business process must understand the process flow that was defined at the design stage.’
      • ‘It effectively relies on a real time streaming protocol to deliver email over mobile networks.’
      • ‘Live streaming through webcams allows real time viewing of art events anywhere on the globe.’
      • ‘Fully real time combat would be a better option, but then how do you deal with action points?’
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real time

/ˈrē(ə)l ˌtīm/ /ˈri(ə)l ˌtaɪm/