Definition of realignment in English:


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  • The action of changing or restoring something to a different or former position or state.

    ‘the scheme will require the realignment of local roads’
    • ‘we are seeing a political realignment in the wake of the war’
    • ‘A significant political realignment has occurred during the parliamentary recess.’
    • ‘Yet his entry into the race has been heralded by the corporate media as a major realignment in Canadian politics.’
    • ‘He is taking the initiative in the military realignment.’
    • ‘The builder has applied for permits for alterations and extensions to an existing house on one of the lots, and realignment of the boundary of two lots.’
    • ‘The name, site and marketing realignment are part of the company's evolution, according to its CEO.’
    • ‘The present currency realignment is in its early stages.’
    • ‘Forty percent is a significant realignment in relative prices.’
    • ‘Most analysts say a realignment in the residential property market was inevitable.’
    • ‘That changed world necessitated a massive realignment of Julie's personality.’
    • ‘The project involves ten kilometres with shoulders, four overbridges, two ramps at Lissenhall and realignment of ramps at Rowan's Road.’



/ˌrēəˈlīnm(ə)nt/ /ˌriəˈlaɪnm(ə)nt/