Definition of reality principle in English:

reality principle


  • The ego's control of the pleasure-seeking activity of the id in order to meet the demands of the external world.

    ‘As the child internalizes and submits to the father's prohibition, it turns from the pleasure to the reality principle.’
    • ‘The true wish is to preserve a special, individual, consistent identity that does not have to compromise with the reality principle.’
    • ‘The principle of simulation wins out over the reality principle just as over the principle of pleasure.’
    • ‘They can, therefore, operate according to Freud's reality principle, and defer pleasure in the interests of overall long-term benefits.’
    • ‘However, Faulkner's wife Julia remains committed to the reality principle, following a strict daily routine of things to do, still turning up for work, wearing business clothes, and showing concern for Faulkner's job.’
    • ‘One of the many fascinating things about the aide's remarks is the reversal of the view that it is the role of political authority (particularly on the right) to impose a reality principle.’
    • ‘But to educated people, embracing the reality principle means, above all, following the spirit of science.’
    • ‘When we act in order to benefit ourselves in the long-term, we utilize the reality principle, and we rely not on our instinct, but on reason.’
    • ‘Representation is, as it were, the reality principle of the image.’
    • ‘The theory of imperialism has triumphed over the reality principle.’
    • ‘However therapeutic, poetry does not suffer the reality principle gladly.’
    • ‘On many levels there is a reality principle at work that each of us must face.’


reality principle

/rēˈalədē ˈprinsəpəl/ /riˈælədi ˈprɪnsəpəl/